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(WiredPRNews.com) ---
Maryville, Tennessee, March 26 ---
The ButtyBuddy motorcycle seat company has invented an ergonomic shaped seating concept… "it was obvious to me that when gals were trying to ride on those narrow seats, there was a real problem" said inventor Bob Goin in an interview...
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The seat took about 5 minutes to put together and install on top of the stock seat. We did a quick 10 mile test ride around town and she was raving about the seat, she absolutely loved it...
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Our test machine was a Harley Davidson Soft tail Deuce, a great looking bike with a tiny passenger area. The passenger portion of its stock one-piece seat fit the parameters...
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Say goodbye to monkey butt!
For years now, the ButtyBuddy seat has been running strong, which tells me that people are digging this product… For any passenger facing a ride on a hard narrow pillion, it's your new best friend!...
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butty buddy motorcycle seat
ButtyBuddy is a great companion for the passenger in your life. It's an ingenious three-piece seating system that allows a comfortable pillion to be added to any bike. On two-up Touring seats the ButtyBuddy uses a combination of lateral supports and straps to securely fasten to your existing seat...
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BIGGER motorcycle seats. BETTER shape. BEST value.

The ButtyBuddy motorcycle seat provides passengers on-demand comfort when riding on bikes with small pillions or bare fenders. Our portable 3 piece seat comes with its own tote and snaps together in seconds, providing correct shape and width necessary for enjoying those long road trips. We have freed thousands from serious numb-bun pain, and ButtyBuddy will work for you too. This isn't just another motorcycle seat pad, it's a ButtyBuddy!

Money Back Guaranteed!

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COMPARE OUR SEATS to gel pads, air cushions, seat pads and aftermarket seats!

WIDTH - Butty Buddy is a huge 13.5 inches wide. That's wider than 86% of the pillions on expensive aftermarket seats. Gel pads and Air cushions cannot increase seating width.

SHAPE - Butty Buddy's ergonomic shape minimizes pressure at the tail bone. 90% of all aftermarket seat pillions are shaped wrong. Pads and cushions cannot modify seat shape.

WARRANTY - ButtyBuddy is unconditionally warranted for a lifetime. Very few expensive aftermarket seats, gel pads or air cushions dare to offer a warranty like ours.


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