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Frequently Asked Questions about Butty Buddy

Q: Compared to gel pads and air cushions "What is so different about the ButtyBuddy seat as compared to gel pads and air cushions since everybody claims their product is the best?"

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A: Butty Buddy is a real seat. Only a real seat can provide the wide support of a correctly shaped platform. Correct buttock support is a must for avoiding pressure on the tailbone. That coccyx nerve area is where numb bun pain originates, then spreads to the legs and spine. Cushions and pads provide no additional platform width or shape correction– they are simply cushions and pads that conform to the shape of your problem seat.

Q: Compared to stock seats and aftermarket seats "I realize that popular brand name aftermarket seats can be very expensive, but for passenger comfort on long rides, how can the ButtyBuddy seat possibly compare to them, or even the factory seats that come on new bikes?"

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A: This illustration above is the typical shape of most all motorcycle seats, whether it is the factory seat that came on your bike or an expensive aftermarket seat. Most of them do a good job providing comfort for the driver; however, for the sake of looking good on the bike, the passenger's end of these seats is usually compromised. Did you know that the odds are near 90% that the passenger seat you are now riding is either too narrow or shaped wrong or both? The 13-1/2 inch wide ButtyBuddy seat provides the passenger with a wide, ergonomically correct concaved shape that distributes passenger weight to the buttocks, and away from the tail bone, providing comfort that is rivaled only by the biggest cruisers on the road!

Q: Cushion Padding "I noticed the cushions don't appear to be very thick. What is in them and how can they be very comfortable if they are not thick and mushy?"

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A: Our seats feature advanced CLOSED CELL cushions. Like billions of microscopic balloons fused together, closed cell is superior to foam because it cannot bottom out and does not absorb water. It is superior to gel because it does not retain heat and does not displace after repeated use. It is superior to air cushions because it provides firm support, essential for comfort, and additionally, our covers are perforated for cooling air ventilation.

Q: Seat storage "I notice that it is a very large seat. What do you do with or where do you put it when you are on the road and not using it? 

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A: Weighing in at just over 3 pounds, the ButtyBuddy seat snaps apart and stows in its own tote (included). The initial presets are not changed so the seat is out of the bag and on the road in a matter of seconds!

Q: Secure fitment "How can a 'portable' seat feel so amazingly secure when riding?" 

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A: The Scientific law of physics called "Angular Momentum" is what keeps the motorcycle driver, the passenger, and your ButtyBuddy seat extremely stable with a controlled motorcycle's center of gravity. No matter how intense the leaning may get, even in extreme transitions like switchback curves, the rider's center of gravity and the ButtyBuddy seat remain unaltered.

Q: Stability "Why is it so stable even though it is not it is not bolted down?"
A: It is very stable because of two specific design features of the PATENTED ButtyBuddy Seat.
1.) It is fitted with four "Positioning stops" which firmly engage the sides of your existing passenger seat, elimination any possible lateral movement.
2.) The "tunneled" gripper area underneath the center engages the passenger's weight at the outer edges of your passenger seat, minimizing any lateral left / right rocking sensation

Q: "How is this style attached to the existing seat... or this style to the bare fender motorcycle?"

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A: Exactly the same way as the passenger's butt is...gravity, friction and angular momentum, only better! ButtyBuddy OVER SEAT STYLE is fitted with a rubber "gripper" element on the bottom side of the center section that maintains exceptional static retention against the top of your motorcycle's seat surface, gripping power that is more than ten times greater than that of a denim clad passenger on the seat surface. The BARE FENDER STYLE is fitted with four large silicone suction cups that grip firmly to gloss finished rear fenders. The aggressive vacuum of the cups is easily released with lift tabs for removal and storage.

Q: Versatile over seat applications "How can the 'Over Seat Style" fit so many different bikes when there is such a wide variety of seat shapes and sizes?"
A: ButtyBuddy has specific set-up adjustments that enable it to be fitted to almost any size or shape passenger seat that does not exceed 11 inches wide (see the illustration above). The initial one time set-up requires about 15 minutes of adjusting everything to fit your specific seat (tools are included). Positioning is now instantly repeated every time it is snapped together and used thereafter...removal does not change your presets.

Q: Versatile application on bare fenders "What if my bike is a Chopper or Solo with no passenger seat?"
A: You should choose the ButtyBuddy "BARE FENDER STYLE" that comes fitted with four (4) large suction cups for bare fender applications (see the illustration above). The suction cups are preset to the widest setting to fit most Harley and Metric rear fenders, and the wide fenders on choppers. For narrower fenders, the cups may be loosened slightly by hand and adjusted closer inward to the narrower position.

Q: "What are the length and width measurements of the suction cups?"
A: The ButtyBuddy suction cups outer contact measurements are 5-3/4 inches side to side, and 8 inches front to rear. The seat its self is 9 inches long front to rear.

Q: "Approximately how much time does it take to get it situated on the motorcycle seat when you get ready to use it?"
A: 2-3 seconds... really! The seat is equipped with four positioning stops that you have preset to snugly fit your specific motorcycle passenger seat. Once those stops are preset, the ButtyBuddy goes on instantly into position.

Q: "Does it wiggle around under the passenger's butt?"
A: It will feel a bit different than what the passenger is used to, but primarily it is just that...different, but it is very safe and secure under the passenger's weight. The rider very quickly accustoms to its stability and becomes much more focused on the incredible comfort of her new riding experience!

Q: "Does it make the passenger sit up higher?"
A: It does elevate the passenger about an inch, however much of that is the result of now having full support underneath the buttocks upon what was previously an invasively narrow seat.

Q: "Since my bike does not have a sissy bar, and my wife has a habit of rising up off her seat, could the ButtyBuddy blow off?"
A: The passenger is usually rising up because she is uncomfortable; however heavy-duty adjustable rubber straps with plastic coated hooks are included with the ButtyBuddy seat for blow-off prevention on bikes without sissy bars.

Q: "What if I buy a ButtyBuddy and find out it doesn't fit my passenger seat the way I think it should or maybe I just change my mind?"
A: Not a problem...just send it back! ButtyBuddy comes with a money back, no-questions-asked guarantee, subject to the terms and conditions of the return policy.

Q: "Is it a hassle to put on and take off?"
A: Not at all. It is a three piece snap-together assembly that requires approximately 15 seconds for her on-the-bike or off-the-bike transition.

Q: "What if it is left outside...is it weather-proof?"
A: Yes, it is fully waterproof and weatherproof.

Q: "Is it street legal everywhere?"
A: All state and local laws vary; it is the user's responsibility to discern applicable legalities.

Q: "Does it come in colors?"
A: Yes, black, black and black.

Q: "Could it damage my bike?"
A: It is very unlikely since that issue has been considered in every element of the design and development. Since such a wide variety of application possibilities do exist, it is the responsibility of the end user to read the directions carefully and determine all aspects of compatibility.

Q: "Does ButtyBuddy have any other uses?"
A: Yes...absolutely! ButtyBuddy owners have found the portability and rugged construction a convenient solution for uncomfortable seating situations everywhere from bleachers at the ball game to boats and concerts...it can tote n' go and absolutely anywhere a comfortable seat is needed!




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