Butty Buddy Motorcycle Seats

Important - Read Before Ordering

Please note that when you are ready to order and proceed to the order page,
you will be asked to choose from a drop down menu labeled "Select Seat Usage".
At this point you will choose either "Over an Existing Seat" or
"On a Bare Fender" (for choppers, bobbers, etc.)

Since we have recently began offering a ButtyBuddy seat that is specially pre-set up to fit
all bare fender applications, including the larger rounded 360 fenders, it is important that you
specify your application. These illustrations show the difference in the two set-ups at a glance.

Please note that the BARE FENDER APPLICATION cannot be used on flat finish paint, neither does it come with the
bag of set-up tools, straps, and positioning stops (These are used only with the 'Over Existing Seat' application.)

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